City Hall

In 2018, the Bank of Kilmichael purchased six storefronts along South Depot Street to return them to their former glory. The first renovation was for a new City Hall. The town has a lease purchase of the building, with the bank making the initial investment in the renovations. City Hall now has a reception area with seating, a customer service counter, a spacious boardroom, handicap accessible bathrooms, a break room, a storage room and offices for the Mayor, Chief of Police, and Public Works Director.




114 S Depot Ave.
Kilmichael, MS 39747
Phone:(662) 262-4242
This building served as the Bank of Kilmichael from the 1930s to the 1960s. When the Bank of Kilmichael constructed a new building and moved in, the old building became City Hall. The Bank of Kilmichael headquarters will be expanded into this building and the old theater next door creating another boardroom, a break room and a training center.